Brandon Ingram Gained 26 Pounds In The Past Year And Still Weighs Below 200 Pounds

Brandon Ingram is the consensus choice to be the second overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, behind only Ben Simmons. There’s a lot to like about the former Duke Blue Devil. He’s got good length and can shoot and play defense and is all in all a versatile player. One issue? The dude is super skinny. However, he’s working on that.

At a recent private workout with the Los Angeles Lakers, Ingram says he gained 26 pounds. Of course, that means he is still under 200 pounds.

According to Ingram, he started at 169 pounds, and is now up to 195. That’d be plenty of weight for some people, but Ingram is 6’9, which means it is completely insane that he was playing basketball at 169 pounds. The concern, obviously, is that Ingram will be too frail and be easily pushed around by the many behemoths who play in the NBA. Still, gaining 26 pounds is a good start.

Ingram says his plan is to “just eat everything I can.” Beyond that, he says, “I’m trying to get stronger. I know it’s coming naturally. But I’m trying to build everything I can before I get to the next level.” An NBA team, with all its resources and strength trainers and nutritionists, will certainly allow Ingram to build strength and add weight.

After all, when Kevin Durant entered the league he was rail thin and couldn’t do one bench press at the NBA Combine. That’s worked out alright. The Lakers, who are sure to select Ingram assuming Simmons goes first overall, will hope the same thing can happen with Ingram.

(Via Inside the Lakers)