Brandon Jennings Defends Taking Robert Horry’s Career Over Reggie Miller’s Ring-Less One

During the Olympics, Carmelo Anthony said that his three gold medals would make him satisfied with his career even if he never wins an NBA championship. His newest Knicks teammate, Brandon Jennings, would seem to disagree with that sentiment. Jennings took to Twitter over the weekend to make it clear that he values rings above all else, saying if he had the choice, he’d rather have the career of Robert Horry, a role player with seven championships, than that of Reggie Miller, a Hall of Famer with none.

Plenty of people on Twitter took issue with Jennings’ statement, correctly pointing out that Miller was the better player, and Jennings came back with the same argument each time: It’s hard to beat seven rings.

Every player has different priorities, of course, and there’s no real wrong answer here. Jennings is perfectly justified in feeling as though his career means nothing if he doesn’t get a title, just as Reggie Miller and Carmelo Anthony have every right to feel like they’ve had great careers despite not winning a ring.

One thing that doesn’t really make sense is why Jennings decided to sign with the Knicks if winning a championship is the be-all and end-all for him.