Brandon Knight’s Filthy Crossover Sends Marcelo Huertas Spinning Like A Top


Finally! Brandon Knight is on the right side of a highlight. For so long, Knight seemed to be in the wrong place at the exact wrong time, landing him on the wrong side of a DeAndre Jordan dunk or a Kyrie Irving crossover.

Against the Los Angeles Lakers, though, Knight finally got one. He makes Marcelo Huertas look like an absolute fool, pulling off a crossover so nasty that Huertas spins around like a dreidel on Hanukkah. Just as important as the move was Knight’s shot, which found nothing but nylon as it passed through the hoop.

Knight’s handles are often underrated, and even as a player he’s somewhat overshadowed by his backcourt mate Eric Bledsoe. He’s averaging 19.1 points this year, but he’s still struggling to get used to Jeff Hornacek’s two point guard system, averaging 3.9 assists with 3.1 turnovers per game. The Suns are a trendy pick to make the playoffs this year, thanks to their improved depth and defense. However, they’ll only go so far as their backcourt can take them. Bledsoe is enjoying a career year, and if he and Knight can come together as he and Dragic once did, the Suns may very well fulfill their immense promise.

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