Brandon Roy Discusses A Possible NBA Comeback

Brandon Roy put the NBA behind him once he chose his quality of life over the Trail Blazers, and while the timing was sudden, most figured he had made the right decision. Without cartilage in his knees, Roy’s joints were a ticking time bomb.

Still, just months after his surprising exit, the man who led the Blazers out of the shadows of the Jail Blazer days is contemplating some type of comeback. At the very least, he’s talking about it. So is Jamal Crawford, who told Softy on KJR radio in Seattle that Roy looks like he’s in better shape than he was even prior to last season, and that playing ball is still Roy’s escape.

Roy told KGW:

“The thing about the situation that I’m in is that I can always come back if I choose to. Having that option is always a good thing for me. I’ve been in the gym working out with Tony Wroten and you just find out how fast you miss the game.

“In the back of my mind, maybe this is something I may do again. But who knows? It’s something right now where I’m enjoying playing and not playing with the pain I had last year after going through two knee surgeries. I was never the fastest or the highest leaper but being smart — those are all little things I have up my sleeve if I do decide to play, those are all positives I do have going for me.”

Would I like to see Roy in the NBA again, hitting smooth pull-up jumpers while playing his complete floor game? Of course. But the summer can be a facade. Everyone kills it in the summer. It’s pickup. I played pickup with Donte Greene last night and he probably had 10 dunks and six threes in two games. The summer often creates a false sense of security because there’s very little defense and the intensity rarely results in anyone pushing their limits.

With deteriorated knees – a chronic condition – Roy would have to know his limits and then if he chose to comeback, he’d have to test those knees by going beyond that point. Being a former NBA All-Star, I’m sure he gets the proper treatment, and more importantly, the right advice from doctors and therapists.

But playing every day in the summer, and every day during the season, are two different animals. He knows this. Roy demonstrated in the playoffs last year that he can still summon a breathtaking performance every once in a while. However, it’s the daily grind that’ll be the real test and I’m not sure he can simulate that during the summer.

via BlazersEdge.com

Should Roy ever come back?

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