Brett Brown Isn’t ‘Comfortable’ With Markelle Fultz’s New Shooting Form

10.01.17 2 years ago

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Though Sixers rookie Markelle Fultz shot better than 41 percent from behind the arc during his freshman season at the University of Washington, he was a middling 65 percent shooter from the charity stripe. During Sixers training camp last week, ESPN’s Mike Schmitz noticed that Fultz seems to have altered his form significantly, at least at the free-throw line.

It’s impossible not to recognize that Fultz had a much higher release when he was with the Huskies and that he has perhaps over-corrected his mechanics to the point that he appears to be shooting from his chest. It certainly looks awkward, so that must be at least partially what head coach Brett Brown was referring to here.

Yet just a few days ago, Fultz insisted that he’s going to use the same form as he did in college, so who knows what’s really going on.

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