Sixers Coach Brett Brown Will ‘Pick And Choose’ When To Deliver Inspirational Speeches

04.17.19 3 months ago


Sixers coach Brett Brown has his own unique way of doing things. In December, we learned about the internal language he’s developed to communicate with his team about various strategies and other aspects of the game, and it was delightfully idiosyncratic, to say the least.

In general, his preferred method of interacting with his players isn’t what you might see inside other NBA locker rooms. For instance, Brown isn’t known as a ra-ra type of coach who delivers the type of melodramatic speeches that are normally the purview of inspirational sports movies and owe more to Hollywood than reality.

But he can certainly budge a crowd when the circumstances call for it, and that’s precisely what he did at halftime of Game 2 against the Nets with his team up one and facing the very real prospect of falling into a 2-0 series deficit. The results speak for themselves, as Philly went on to even the series with a decisive 145-123 win.

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