Brian Scalabrine Misspelled His Own Name On His Gloriously-Hideous Jacket

Brian Scalabrine, aka the White Mamba, aka the Greatest of All Time, was in the building at TD Garden on Friday night to do a little sideline reporting during the Celtics’ game against the Magic, and in perhaps a nod to the recently-deceased Craig Sager, Scal wore a wonderfully-hideous green jacket bearing his own likeness in place of Boston’s iconic leprechaun mascot.

But there was only one small hitch in the White Mamba’s otherwise flawless wardrobe: his last name is misspelled.

Not that it matters. Scalabrine has carte blanche to do pretty much whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Let’s not forget that this is the same man who didn’t hesitate to be the first one to the podium when the Celtics won the championship in 2008. It’s also the same man who challenged everyone in the Boston metropolitan area to play him one-on-one to prove that even the most marginal NBA players are exponentially more talented than the average street-baller.

Here’s to hoping we see much, much more of him on the sidelines, in the broadcast booth, or anywhere else there’s basketball to be played and commented on.