Some NBA Beat Reporters Are Mad That Stephen Curry’s Baby Makes Their Job Hard

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05.20.15 43 Comments
Brian Windhorst mad


Sure, Game 1 of Warriors-Rockets was super entertaining, and there was a lot of drama with the Dwight Howard injury, among other things. But let’s be honest, the real highlight came after the game, when Steph Curry’s kid turned an otherwise boring press conference into must-see TV.

Aww, damn. Look how adorable that kid is. Look how much fun we’re having guys, and… record scratch!

That’s Brian Windhorst, everyone. You might know him as the reporter who followed LeBron James since middle school and parlayed it into a gig on ESPN. Yeah, that guy. He’s on deadline, and he has important questions! He does not have time for these unprofessional shenanigans!

Hey, Windhorst isn’t alone. Myriad brethren weighed in…

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