Bronny James Named His Favorite Sneaker From The LeBron Line, And It’s From Before He Was Born

Bronny James will look to join his father in the NBA next season, as LeBron’s eldest son is part of this week’s 2024 NBA Draft. Bronny likely won’t hear his name called until Thursday evening, as the NBA is splitting the Draft into two nights, with the first round Wednesday and the second round on Thursday, but there’s plenty of scuttle about the Suns and Lakers both being heavily interested in Bronny at that point — and are the only two teams he’s agreed to work out for.

While LeBron has stated his desire to have the chance to play alongside his son, Bronny made it clear at the Combine his main goal is simply to make it to the league and follow his own path. Still, given the Lakers are one of two teams connected to Bronny, it seems like there’s a very good chance the father-son duo end up on the same roster together.

We’ll have to wait til Thursday to find out if that’s the case, but in the meantime, Bronny joined Joe La Puma on the latest episode of Complex’s Sneaker Shopping to talk about his favorite sneakers. One of the perks of being LeBron’s son is access to an awful lot of Nike and Jordan shoes, and Bronny bounces around from line to line with what he plays in, including a strong Combine appearance in Kobe Protro 4s. Still, he often comes back home to the LeBrons, and La Puma asked him for his favorite sneaker from his dad’s signature line (4:25 mark of the above video).

“My favorite Brons…like to play in? Like, the 1s for me — yeah the first ones, I love playing in those. They’re super light and they look great. But the 20s too, like you can never go wrong. I helped make those, so…”

It’s kind of wild that Bronny’s favorite shoe from his dad’s line are the ones that came out before he was even born — the Zoom Generation 1s launched for LeBron’s rookie season in 2003, and Bronny was born in 2004. That said, the LeBron line isn’t for everyone, especially some of those bigger models that came out during James’ prime, so it’s not a huge surprise that if Bronny is a fan of lighter shoes, he’d go with the first ones.

He also confirmed in the video that he was part of the testing for and “helped make” the LeBron 20s, so naturally those are a close runner up. If he does end up on the Lakers playing alongside LeBron, I would bet pretty good money that Bronny will throw on a pair of Zoom Generation 1s for that first game in a full circle moment.