Inside The Life Of An NBA Player On A 10-Day Contract, And Why It’s Harder Than You Think

03.30.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Henry Sims rests quietly at his dinner table at New York City hot spot, Philippe.

No one to his right. No one to his left. Sims sits alone.

After his meal, he will return to his hotel in Brooklyn, New York, just a short arm’s reach from Barclays Center, where he will be playing with the Nets for at least a week and a half stretch after signing a 10-day contract with Brooklyn on March 17. The Nets would eventually re-up him for a second 10-day deal. After that, he couldn’t tell you his future.

Over at the adjacent table, he hears fans discussing the hit Netflix show, House of Cards. Sims hasn’t seen it, though he’s heard all the reviews. He interjects.

“Should I start it?” he asks the two friends dining next to him.

Sims doesn’t get recognized all too often, but this time is different. One of the House of Cards conversationalists was the same year as Sims at Georgetown, someone who watched him star as the starting center for one of college basketball’s elite programs, who watched him run for student body vice president before he graduated in 2012.

“Woah, you’re Henry Sims,” says the star-struck alum.

Sims isn’t using his tickets for the upcoming game. How could he? He just got to New York. He gives his number to one of the fans after receiving a positive review for the show.

“Text me tomorrow, and I’ll set you up with tickets to the game,” the Nets’ newest member offers.

Come two days later, a couple of Georgetown alums had free Nets seats, and Sims had made a couple of friends amidst his unique professional environment.

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