Nobody Knows Who Would Take Trade Calls For The Brooklyn Nets

01.10.16 2 years ago
mikhail prokhorov


The Brooklyn Nets are, predictably, in complete disarray after the literal and figurative departures of coach Lionel Hollins and general manager Billy King. We say predictably not because this is what happens when an organization loses two decision-makers, but because it’s so very, very typical of the Nets to not have a contingency plan in place for such events. According to Tim Bontemps and Zach Lowe – two people very much in the know – the Nets’ hierarchy when it comes to decision-making is essentially a shrug emoji.

That’s really not great for a team that desperately needs to move some players if they’re going to have any hope of a future. Currently, the Nets are cash-and-draft-pick-strapped. They have some movable parts – Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young, maybe Joe Johnson – but that doesn’t do them any good if they have no one to do the actual moving.

Someone will eventually emerge for the Nets to take the calls and make moves, but to not have that person decided on before firing Hollins and…accepting King’s resignation is a massive organizational failure. In other words, another day at the office for the Nets.

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