Ric Bucher: Report On Lowry To Heat and Bosh To Raptors Was Wrong

We wrote on a report late last night by Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher that a source told him Kyle Lowry could be signed-and-traded to the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh might return to the Toronto Raptors as a free agent. In the interim, Bucher has learned that he was misinformed and neither scenario has been discussed.

Bucher’s original tweets on the Lowry/Bosh story are below.




These are his remarks from earlier today upon learning he was misled by a source.




A crucial part of a reporter’s job is to develop and utilize trustworthy, reliable sources. Doing so is one of the reasons that Bucher has been covering the NBA at major outlets for more than two decades. So while he deserves consternation for dispatching information – and in this case, headline-worthy intel – that ultimately proved inaccurate, Bucher should receive even more praise for showing such contrition in admitting his mistake.

The easy route for Bucher would have been keeping quiet as the offseason progressed and his original report was disproved. NBA writers publish rumors that turn out to be wrong almost as often as they do rumors that turn out to be right. How often do those in the former, unenviable position ever show remorse for being led astray? Let alone admit it?

It’s a low, low number, and the main reason why Bucher is getting some heat from the public right now. But that’s the price of taking the less traveled, honorable path, and Bucher warrants credit for doing so.

Now, what does this mean for basketball?

Lowry is a free agent and will be too expensive for the Heat to sign unless Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade agree to major pay-cuts. Though Miami’s Big Three has discussed taking discounts to improve the roster surrounding them, it’s hard to believe they could be enough to add a player of Lowry’s assumed price tag. Without a sign-and-trade, basically, it’s unlikely Lowry will be playing in South Beach next season.

As for Bosh leaving the Heat for the Raptors, that always seemed a dubious proposition. Toronto surely hasn’t endeared itself to Bosh when Miami has traveled to play there the past few seasons, and the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets are more realistic destinations if he will indeed part with the Heat. Like LeBron, though, at this point it seems most likely Bosh will return to Miami.

And the offseason continues chugging along. Free agency begins on July 1st. Things will only get crazier from here.

What do you think?

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