C.J. McCollum Puts Poor Dirk Nowitzki In The Blender And Drains A Step-Back Triple

There was a time when Dirk Nowitzki might have been able to stick with playmaking, shot-taking jitterbugs on the perimeter. Maybe. But December 2015, obviously, certainly isn’t it.

It’s the Dallas Mavericks legend who will receive the most attention from the highlight above, and rightfully so. Nowitzki is lucky he didn’t fall straight to the floor here. C.J. McCollum, though, has made a habit of embarrassing defenders over the first few weeks of his breakout campaign. The Portland Trail Blazers’ guard is among the most electric ball handlers in all of basketball.

Does that make Nowitzki’s gaffe understandable? Certainly. But does McCollum’s prowess make it less noteworthy? Definitely not, either.