Call Of Duty: Ghosts Releases Devastation DLC; Introduces The Predator

About a month after the trailer first hit, the Devastation DLC for Call Of Duty: Ghosts is finally here. Releasing today on the Xbox One, and at a later date on PC and PlayStation platforms, the pack features new maps, a new weapon, and the appearance of the movie monster, Predator.

The four small-to-medium sized maps take us to a Mayan temple (“Ruins”) sitting on a peninsula at the base of an erupting volcano; a mangled container ship (“Collision”) set underneath a crippled bridge in New York City; a giant excavation digger in South America (“Behemoth”) with long-range site lines and attack helicopters equipped with deadly rail guns, and a fully reimagined version of “Dome” (now called “Unearthed”) from Modern Warfare 3. All of them include game-changing elements to increase the intensity of online action.

The epic, four-part Extinction series is also returning in this one with a new story called Mayday. Players find themselves on an abandoned Chinese research vessel deep in the South Pacific where they must deal with new “seeder” aliens and a monstrous Kraken through new customizable weapon versions of the Venom-X, and improved gameplay options.

As a bonus, Devastation also features the all-new hybrid “Ripper” weapon, which gives players the option to easily transition from a SMG to an assault rifle during the middle of play.

Check out the gameplay trailers and images below for more.

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