New Trailer Released For Call Of Duty: Ghosts “Devastation” DLC Pack

Today, a new trailer was released for “Devastation,” the upcoming DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The second of four packs from Activision and Infinity Ward, it’s set to release first on Xbox Live on April 3. Featuring four new maps, the second stage of the Extinction storyline, and a new gun, the pack looks like it’ll be a hit, especially among Xbox Live Season Pass owners, who get instant access to Devastation’s all-new “Ripper” weapon.

The new weapon will allow players to easily transition from a SMG to an assault rifle during the middle of play.

The four small-to-medium sized maps take place in a Mayan temple, a mangled container ship, a giant excavation digger in South America, and a fully reimagined version of “Dome” from Modern Warfare 3. All of them include game-changing elements to increase the intensity of online action, such as allowing players control of a rail gun on an attack helicopter in “Behemoth” should they complete a Field Order.

But the highlight is probably what’s coming next in Ghosts’ Extinction mode. The second chapter in the storyline will feature action on an abandoned Chinese research vessel deep in the South Pacific. Players will have to deal with new “seeder” aliens and a monstrous Kraken through new customizable weapon versions of the Venom-X, and improved gameplay options. It’s been a few months since Ghosts first dropped and I’m still spending hours playing Extinction with my boys, so the next stage in that mode has me hyped. Check out the trailer below for more details.

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