James Harden Might’ve Accidentally Let The World Know That The Next ‘Call Of Duty’ Is ‘Black Ops 4’

The last few weeks have been full of drips of information regarding the new Call of Duty game, which is somewhat ironic considering the rumors have overshadowed the troubled, but relatively underrated CoD: WWII‘s Resistance DLC pack.
Those rumors seem to be onto something, though. Along with a collection of Gamestop SKUs showing “Black Ops 4” T-shirts for sale this fall, we have Houston Rockets star James Harden rocking a Blops 4 hat right on NBA on ESPN.

The only thing more brazen than wearing an unannounced game’s hat in front of millions on TV is Activision’s eschewing of Roman numerals. The stylistic “4” does look just like previous merchandise from the Black Ops games. Take a look:

Additional evidence, like the fact that Black Ops developer Treyarch is on deck to release their next iteration of the blockbuster series, only lends more credence to the rumors. At this point, it’s all but confirmed that BlopsIIII, is the next CoD, and if the rumors (which have been spot-on thus far) are true, it will be set in modern times, so no jet packs for you.

(Via Playstation Lifestyle)