Healthy At Last, Cam Reddish Is Ready To Prove Himself

06.20.19 4 weeks ago

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You cannot go through the NBA pre-draft process without emerging with a token criticism. R.J. Barrett has tunnel vision. Ja Morant turns it over too much. Darius Garland never passes. It sticks to you like the nametag at your 10-year high school reunion, sometimes defining you more than the collection of your positive attributes. With too much time to fill between the end of the NCAA Tournament and the actual NBA Draft, flaws are amplified.

The critiques of Cam Reddish feel different. Saying someone doesn’t care about the game they play, that they have a “low motor,” is a commentary on a person’s being rather than their skillset. That’s the charge that’s been leveled at Reddish, sometimes relegated to third wheel on a Duke team boasting Zion Williamson and Barrett. His season was inconsistent. From one game to the next, Reddish toggled between the next Paul George and the next Andrew Wiggins. He struggled to finish at the rim, and despite one of the sweeter-looking strokes at the college level, struggled with consistency from deep. A nagging core injury ate at him all season. But when Reddish was on, he was on, showing that he’s the type of talent that deserves to go in the lottery during Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Reddish doesn’t shy away from the aforementioned criticisms. But say he doesn’t care about basketball, and that’s where he draws the line. In a chat with UPROXX courtesy of JBL, Reddish touched on his critics, dealing with injuries and how he’ll remember his time at Duke.

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