Cameron Brink Tore Her ACL On A Wrong Step Driving To The Basket (UPDATE)

The Los Angeles Sparks are among the young teams in the WNBA building around a strong rookie class, with Cameron Brink and Rickea Jackson forming a new foundation for the Sparks.

Jackson is second on the team in scoring this year with 10.3 points per game, while Brink has quickly established herself as a defensive force in the WNBA, averaging 2.4 blocks and 1.1 steals per game from her center spot (along with 8.1 points and 5.7 rebounds). Brink has quickly made plenty of fans around the league, not just with viewers but has impressed a number of the league’s veterans with her play and toughness.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday night in Connecticut, the No. 2 overall pick took an awkward step while driving the ball and collapsed to the floor in considerable pain.

Brink would try to walk off the floor with some help, but ultimately got carried from the bench to the locker room with what appeared to be a left knee injury. We are still awaiting official word from the Sparks on the initial diagnosis, but the way her knee bent inward on her drive did not look good on the replay they showed on TV. We will provide an update when one becomes available, as Sparks fans and W fans as a whole await word on the status of one of the league’s brightest young talents.

UPDATE 1: Brink is officially out for the game with a knee injury.

UPDATE 2: The Sparks announced an MRI showed that Brink tore her left ACL.