Carlos Boozer Shares How He Thinks Zion Williamson Should Follow In LeBron’s Footsteps

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Carlos Boozer is in one heck of a good mood. On the hardwood, his Duke Blue Devils look like potentially the best team in college basketball, boasting a collection of top-line talent that few teams can match. They had to survive a scare against UCF in the second round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament, but for now, Zion Williamson and company are still in a position to join Boozer’s 2001 squad as Duke teams that secured national championships.

When Dime spoke to Boozer on Thursday, his good vibes were heightened by the fact that he was making his way to Opening Day in the Bronx, where his beloved New York Yankees would go on to beat the Baltimore Orioles, 7-2. If he has his way, the start of April and the start of November will end the exact same way: With his teams winning titles.

Boozer himself is in the mood to win a championship through Captain Morgan via its Captain’s Pose-Off Bracket Challenge. He’s among the eight-person field in a competition to do exactly what it sounds like he’s tasked with doing — show off your best Captain Morgan pose and potentially advance through the bracket and be crowned the winner at the Final Four in Minneapolis.

Before his Pose-Off matchup with former Virginia Tech coach and current ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg begins on Saturday, Boozer chatted with Dime about Duke, his favorite NBA players to watch right now, and how he never rented out his house in Los Angeles again after letting Prince stay there.

What do you have going on with Captain Morgan?

I’m teaming up with Captain Morgan to compete in the Captain’s Pose-Off Bracket Challenge. Basically what it is, it’s just like bracketology, man. I’m in the first round. I matched up with Seth Greenberg, someone obviously I admire and look up to and someone who has a great creative mind. I haven’t seen his pose yet, but I’m getting some ideas for my pose. I’m more matched up and fans can vote on Twitter and then go to Captain Morgan US and vote there, and also on my Twitter page, @mistercbooz, to vote as well.

I gotta ask you a few Duke questions. In your estimation, what is it about this team that just makes it so special?