Carlos Boozer Plans To Play Overseas If Lockout Continues

08.11.11 7 years ago 38 Comments
Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer

As the NBA lockout lingers on like a bad hangover, more overseas talk continues to infiltrate the media airwaves. Carlos Boozer will pursue signing with a foreign club if the NBA fails to start on time. Boozer noted that his time spent with Team USA changed his life, an experience that has contributed to his decision to play overseas. And you can’t blame the guy. Boozer loves the game and will go anywhere in the world to continuing playing. And oh by the way, the pay ain’t bad either … Speaking of playing overseas, Orlando Magic power forward Earl Clark has signed with Zhejiang of the Chinese Basketball Association. His contract – a one-year deal – with keep him in through the entire 2011-2012 season. Though the details of the contract have yet to be released, it’s estimated to be in the high six-figures. Though Clark hasn’t proven himself in the NBA, he absolutely has the skills. Maybe a year in China will kick start a new career for him, a fresh slate if you will. Maybe he’ll come back a more mature player, someone whose prepared to dedicate himself to the game and take advantage of the natural gifts he’s been given. You know, like so many other athletes in the league … The guy on the other side of Matt Barnes‘ fist has spoken up. Dillon Sabia, the dude who ordered the knuckle sandwhich during the San Francisco Pro-Am, said Barnes was “a little whiner” and “being really immature.” Not surprising being that Barnes is a seven-time First-Team All Stand-There-And-Argue-With-The-Ref-Instead-Of-Getting-Back-On-D selection. More than likely, Barnes just did what he always does: start s— as an instigator. It’s one of his gifts … Andre Drummond, the No. 11 player in High School Hoop’s Top 50, has narrowed his list of possible destinations to five. His list includes Connecticut (the favorites), Kentucky, Georgetown, Louisville and West Virginia. Drummond is not expected to make a decision until spring, but if we were fans of any of these five schools, we’d start praying. Karma, church, good deeds, we’d do it all if we were you. This kid is a program changer, even though he’ll only be there for one year … Fun fact about Andrew Bogut – he hates reality television. Bogut tweeted: If someone I’m dating or married too ever goes on a reality show while I’m with them, they will be newly single and on a reality show… We don’t blame you Andrew, reality TV sucks. It’s totally scripted. Your basically watching non-actors act out a terrible script. It’s making us angry just discussing it. Having said that, we’re all in if she’s making Jersey Shore money … Anthony Randolph has decided to go back to LSU to get his degree. And according to Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, Randolph is looking to join a fraternity. And why not? Who needs practice when you can get drunk every night and yell at freshman (even though it probably wouldn’t be that type of frat)? It’s not like Randolph’s game needs work or anything … A few days ago, we wrote a piece on Bonzi Wells and some random players we had man-crushes on. Then out of nowhere, someone alerted us to this picture of Victor Page, who was the ultimate college man-crush. Page was the other half of the Georgetown backcourt next to Alley I and he could play. Now, he’s being charged with fourth-degree burglary and looks like he’s had his share of troubles … And finally, Vince Carter. See, you probably thought we were going to bash Vinsanity. Nope. This is a positive story. So ruthless you fans are these days. Bunch of glass-half-empties. Anyway, Mr. Afraid To Take The Ball To The Hoop donated $2.5 million to his former alma mater (North Carolina). The money will go to the Carolina Basketball Family Fund and help renovate offices as well as support operating endowments for future years to come … We’re out like Victor Page.

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