NHL Player Tells NBA Players: ‘It’s Not Worth It’

When we talk about the players just “man-ing” up, accepting a deal and getting on with the game, it doesn’t come out right. We seem like bitter fans – selfish fans – who just want our game back. We don’t truly care about the business aspect of it, don’t really care about the players’ lifestyles. We just want to see the NBA again. So we can’t blame the players for not listening to us. But when an NHL player says it, it holds more weight. Why? The league canceled their entire 2004-05 season because of a lockout, and former Dallas Stars forward Bill Guerin is trying to save the NBA players from themselves. Guerin was one of the biggest supporters of the union’s fight during the NHL lockout, but now says he’s learned a big lesson. He told the Star-Telegram the fight wasn’t worth it and that it’s not a partnership. It’s the owners’ league. For an NHL player to admit all of that is big. It shows the regret he has. Despite the fact that the two situations are entirely different – the NHL really did need a complete overhaul – this advice should hit home. For a professional athlete, we all know the stories and stats. They don’t have much time to make their money. Even though the players say they’re fighting for those who come after them, to waste an entire year arguing in a hotel meeting room is just stupid … Carmelo Anthony didn’t say anything out of the ordinary. He just confirmed what we already know: he wants Chris Paul in a Knicks uniform. The New York Post reports that Anthony became much closer to CP over this lockout as the two have spent long hours talking and working out together. They spoke about a lot of things, just not whether being teammates in the future would be cool. Either way, ‘Melo admits he wants it to happen. But at this point, there’s really no way of knowing if it’ll ever happen. No CBA means no one can be sure just how much money New York will have to spend. But imagine CP playing for Mike D’Antoni. Would he do things even Steve Nash didn’t do? … Speaking of ‘Melo, did you catch how his new sneaker was unveiled? Ridiculous stuff … Some great submissions in our Brandon Jennings autographed jersey contest. But we had to pick a winner. Congrats, to the 26th submission: Sammy G … Remember how the Lakers were saying one of the main reasons Mike Brown got the head coaching gig was because he was so impressive in the interview? Now we know why. Dude has been yearning for this job for a while. He had probably practiced that interview over and over again in his mind. From the minute he heard Zen was bouncing, Brown was intrigued, and admits he watched them closer than any other team. He wanted to see what he could do with those big boys outside of the triangle, wanted to see if he could become Kobe‘s boy like he never could with LeBron. He’s also saying he doesn’t believe anything needs to drastically change for the Lakers to get back on top. They just need to get back to basics and take care of the details. Improving the practice routines are something Brown expects to do. We agree the team needs a mental makeover, but we just can’t see them winning any more titles with the current squad. Every year they get older. Every year, the championship fades further away. They weren’t close to a ring this year. What makes them think another year on the clock will get them closer to Dallas, Miami, Chicago or Oklahoma City? … “I want everyone to know that I’m not this monster that they perceive. I’m a really nice guy.” The words of Michael Beasley. It is a little ridiculous that B-Easy has to try to put himself through some image makeover because the stuff he’s gotten in trouble for really isn’t all that ridiculous. He’s a young dude doing young person things. But are yoga, karate and… ballet young people things? We don’t think so. Beasley’s doing them all this summer in an effort to slim down (he’s dropped 15 pounds down to 225) and improve his flexibility. Minnesota’s Black Swan … And we’ve found our new favorite player: Danny Granger. Not only is he taking out all of his Pacer employee boys out to eat, not only does he have a secret special handshake with the dude who sits outside of the Pacers’ bathroom, but he’s also promising to finish his Batcave. If you didn’t know, Granger had long ago planned to build something “based on the Batcave from the first set of Batman movies — starting with Michael Keaton. It will have a few aspects from the Christian Bale movies.” If that’s not funny enough, he’s building the drive-in pathway that lights up, and a circle that spins so you never have to back out. Last but not least, he is building an elevator to bring his “Batmobile” into his house, where it will sit in a clear glass area next to his gaming room. Are. You. Serious? Dopest thing we’ve heard in a minute. If you had loot like this, what would you do with it? … We’re out like Beasley’s leotard.

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