Even The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Pregame Handshakes Are Already In NBA Finals Form

Senior Writer

While we’ve been so fixated on the 2016-17 NBA season’s early storylines about breakups and BFF bitterness, we’ve neglected to point out that the Cleveland Cavaliers are really f*cking good. That’s an obvious statement, considering they’re the defending NBA Champs after overcoming the Warriors’ 3-1 lead, but the Cavs are also currently the only undefeated team in the NBA. That’s a little more impressive than Russell Westbrook’s subtle fashion shade or the Knicks stepping up for Derrick Rose and making his boo-filled homecoming one to remember.

The Cavs still have some holes in their game, as evidenced by their narrowest of narrow Saturday victory over the winless 76ers, but there’s one area in which LeBron James and co. are certainly en fuego: the pregame handshakes.

The routine is nothing new — James has been executing his over-the-top individual handshakes with his teammates for years — but as the Cavs recently reminded us in the above tweet, being an unstoppable on-court killing machine isn’t the only thing that James is good at. And it goes without saying that the routine still causes jaws to drop every time.

Perhaps even more impressive is how James always remembers his old acquaintances, like that one guy he played with in another city way back when…


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