The Basketball World Reacted To The Cavs Hiring John Beilein

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have their next head coach, and he’s a bit of a surprise pick. Michigan Wolverines head men’s basketball coach John Beilein will leave the college ranks to turn pro himself this fall, the shocking news of his leaving Ann Arbor coming early on Monday.

News of Beilein leaving Michigan is certainly not what was expected from the Cavs coaching vacancy, though Beilein had recieved interest in coaching in the NBA last year. Shortly after the news broke of his deal with the Cavs, Beilein shared a goodbye message to Michigan on Twitter.

He wasn’t the only person on Twitter talking about the big move, though. As news broke, the NBA and NCAA basketball worlds reacted to the news that Beilein — who led Michigan to the NCAA title game just a year ago — would take over in Cleveland.


Last summer, Beilein interviewed for a job with the Detroit Pistons, which many framed as a way to get a better deal at Michigan. But as the news came out on Monday, other reports indicated that Beilein had hopes to coach in the NBA and was waiting for the right opportunity.

As many pointed out, Beilein’s journey through the coaching ranks has been a long one, and he’s now touted as one of the best college coaches to leave their ranks and make a go in the Association.

At least one notable ESPN college basketball figure said it wasn’t much of a surprise.

But Bruce Bowen was in shock on live TV when he heard the news.

Not everyone was enthused about the move, though. Stephen A. Smith, for example, didn’t see what the big deal was.

Can’t please everyone, I suppose.