We Simulated Game 3 Of Cavs-Celtics On ‘NBA 2K’ To See If Boston Can Make It A Series

05.21.17 1 year ago


The Boston Celtics have had a terrible time with the Cleveland Cavaliers so far in the Eastern Conference Finals, losing the first two games at home, including a demoralizing 44-point loss in Game 2. To this point, the Celtics have appeared completely over-matched by Cleveland, and the task will only get more difficult as they head on the road for Game 3.

There isn’t much that points to a Boston bounce-back on Sunday. The Celtics struggled mightily on the road in their Eastern Conference Semifinal against the Wizards, and Isaiah Thomas’ injury means they are without their top offensive weapon. However, maybe they can dig down and find whatever it was they had against the Bulls on the road in the first round that let them win both games in Chicago. That’s the best source of hope, right?

We turned to NBA2k17 to find out if it believes in blind optimism and hope, or if it looks at this Celtics team like the rest of us and wonders how they can possibly compete. You can watch our entire simulation of Cavs-Celtics Game 3 here, but we’re going to jump right on ahead to the results.

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