Cavs Laughably Say Irving-Love “Spliff” DAP Was “Sharpening…Mustache”

At the conclusion of Cleveland’s 118-110 victory over the Pelicans on Monday, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love engaged in a complicated victory handshake that appeared to end with an homage to toking on a spliff. The Cavs have issued a statement on the cannabinoid *high*-five, and it’s as ridiculous as you’d think.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the Clippers are rocking some porn ‘staches these days. Our prognosis: Blake Griffin and J.J. Redick should not have mustaches; however, Stan Van Gundy absolutely has to have a mustache. This is because it’s Movember, and the growing of a mustache in November is to promote men’s health (check your kibbles and bits every time you shower fellas).

Maybe that’s why the Cavs thought they could get away with this absurd explanation for the Love-Irving handshake.

Per Chris Haynes at the Northeast Ohio Media Group, comes the droll response after the media caught on to the exchange:

At the conclusion of their choreographed handshake, each placed his right hand near the corner of his mouth with his thumb and index finger together. It was interpreted by many as symbolizing smoking a marijuana joint.

The video made the rounds. On Tuesday night, the Cavaliers released a statement in an attempt to clarify what the end of that handshake represented.

“To clarify, they are quickly sharpening the end of an imaginary mustache at the end of their exchange with each other. It has nothing to do with smoking a joint as some blogs (and even some mainstream folks now) are suggesting/reporting.”

Here’s the handshake again, in case you forgot.


They are not sharpening imaginary mustaches, they’re so obviously mimicking the ubiquitous smoke a joint sign that to say otherwise is insane.