CBS Chicago is Encouraging Fans to Pressure Derrick Rose Into Playing

People are the worst.

This is an irrefutable fact that is on display every single day. Here is Wednesday’s example: CBS Chicago wants Bulls fans to submit “open letters” to Derrick Rose in the hopes of pressuring him into coming back to play before he’s ready. Then they’re going post the best ones on their site, presumably for Derrick to read.

From their site (I refuse to link to it):

It’s been over one year since Derrick Rose’s ACL tear and over two months since doctors cleared him to play.

Still, the former MVP of the league refuses to leave his post on the Bulls bench. Meanwhile, the hobbled Bulls continue to fight on against the Nets in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs.

Frustrated? Here’s your chance to express your feelings to Rose.

In the space below, write an open letter to the face of the Bulls franchise. Yell at him, plead with him, convince him – this is your chance to say whatever it is you want to say to Derrick Rose.

670 The Score wants to hear from you. Please keep your submission under 50 words. We’ll select and publish our favorites.

Dummies. What is there to be gained from rushing him back before he’s ready? He may be physically cleared, but the mental hurdle is arguably a way more difficult obstacle to overcome. What happens if gets hurt some other way because he’s overcompensating for his surgically-repaired knee or has some significant mental setback.

What does it accomplish? Are the Bulls suddenly going to be able to beat the Miami Heat because they’ve added a rusty, not-all-there-at-the-moment version of Rose? I don’t think so. And if the knuckleheads at CBS Chicago do, they probably shouldn’t be covering the NBA, let alone doing their part to push the best thing about their team into a potentially disastrous situation in the name of page views.

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