Watch Charles Barkley Botch Karaoke Of “Gin and Juice”

Turner Sports is handling 2014 All-Star Weekend duties, and that means Charles Barkley will be unleashed on New Orleans in a semi-professional capacity. Chuck’s got a huge interview with President Barack Obama airing Saturday night, but in the mean time he’s kicking it on Bourbon St. (where we would be if the snow hadn’t happened). But in such a musical city, Chuck’s karaoke performance last night leaves a lot to be desired.

Barkley was doing a rendition of Snoop Dogg Lion‘s iconic hit, “Gin and Juice,” but he was doing it really poorly. He does a lackluster job getting through the simple verbiage in the first verse, and he’s so awful during the second verse, two guys had to come on stage to help him out. But it’s Bourbon St. during All-Star Weekend, so everyone was probably too hammered to care. Plus, he’s Chuck!

(video via GottaDeal; h/t Deadspin)

What do you think of Chuck’s drunken warbling/rapping?

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