Charles Barkley’s Demonstration On How To ‘Fall On Your Ass’ Got A Round Of Applause From Shaq And Kenny

The New Orleans Pelicans have a gigantic game on Thursday night against the Sacramento Kings, and midway through the second quarter, Zion Williamson had to make his way into the locker room after breaking a fall with his hands and tweaking his wrist. Fortunately for the Pelicans, Williamson was ok, and was able to return to the game after halftime.

During the break, the Inside the NBA guys discussed Williamson picking up a knock, which led to a bit of advice from Charles Barkley about how to handle these situations. Barkley claimed that when he was with the Philadelphia 76ers, the team practiced how to “fall on your ass,” which Shaquille O’Neal demanded to see immediately. Being the man of the people that he is, Chuck proceeded to walk in front of the desk and do it, which led to some absolutely terrific television.

The thing is this is legitimately informative by Barkley — it’s a good bit of advice on how to avoid an injury when you’re hitting the deck — but there is also zero chance that Charles Barkley practicing how to fall on his ass on live television wouldn’t be funny. As such, Shaq absolutely lost his mind over this, with both himself and Kenny Smith giving him a round of applause for this demonstration.