Watch Charles Barkley Put His Memory To The Test On ‘Inside The NBA’

The topic of cognitive tests have entered the popular consciousness in recent weeks, with a certain embattled world leader attempting to brandish his results as a political tool in the upcoming election, despite the fact that the test is typically only administered to patients who are thought to be potentially suffering from dementia.

But nevermind all that. On Thursday night, the Inside the NBA crew decided it would be a good idea to put Charles Barkley through the ringer with a similar test, and the results were almost exactly what you might’ve expected, as Barkley was given five words to remember after being asked a series of questions.

His words were Boston, shot clock, Denver, doughnut, and Utah. Simple enough, right? But holding those words in your head while being asked a series of unrelated questions before having to recite them might be harder than it looks.

Asking Chuck to remember things is a simple yet excellent tactic for the Inside crew that rarely lets us down, with “Who He Play For?” being just one brilliant example. The best part here, by far, is Barkley mis-remembering the lone food item on his list of words and jumping straight to “pizza” when the word he was actually looking for was “doughnut.”