Kenny Smith Is Working Hard To Mend Fences Between Charles Barkley And Michael Jordan

It’s always so silly when legends of a genre or industry feud for so many years over dumb rivalries and bitter misunderstandings, only to finally make amends later in life. It’s such a waste, thinking about what could have been after so many years of stupidity and childish bickering. Like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger wasting the best years of their prime fighting over which actor was the bigger action star, only to give us The Expendables movies in their AARP years. Or Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan continuing to beef over criticism, when all it would take to kill it is apparently an apology.

Kenny Smith has been the man stuck in the middle of the Barkley/Jordan feud for some time now, as he works with Barkley on Inside the NBA and has been friends with Jordan since their college hoops days. Last month, The Jet even stoked reports that the feud was finally over, when he shared an image of the two NBA legends together, but Barkley killed that by claiming it was just a picture.

And while Barkley recently said that he’d love to end this nonsensical feud with his “brother,” he hasn’t done anything about it.

Smith was stopped by a TMZ camera dude at the airport over the weekend, and he says the solution is simple.

All he has to do is make a phone call if he misses him. Gotta talk to him.

I think the one thing that both Charles and Michael have is a lot of pride, so once the pride settles down…

I do think Charles was wrong. Mike’s doing a great job. He should apologize. I’m gonna tell him Thursday night.

Obviously, we’ll tune in on Thursday night to see if Smith says anything on Inside the NBA. He should. The show is already great, but how much better would it be if Smith openly messed with Barkley about how he’s being a child and should apologize? They could get Kevin Garnett in on the fun. It would be brilliant.