Charles Barkley Praised Ex-Warriors GM And ESPN Analyst Bob Myers For ‘Jumping Off The Titanic Before It Sunk’

Charles Barkley has made very clear that he thinks the Golden State Warriors’ best days are behind them. After watching one half of Warriors basketball this year, Barkley declared that the team is “cooked” despite their perpetual aspirations of competing for championships as long as Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Steve Kerr, and Klay Thompson are in town.

There’s still plenty of season left, but Barkley’s claim doesn’t look too terrible right now — Golden State sits at 10-11 at this early juncture, and find themselves a half game out of the race to make the Play-In Tournament this year. Barkley got yet another chance to express his thoughts on the Dubs during the TNT/ESPN crossover broadcast of the In-Season Tournament. After the TNT crew made an appearance on ESPN in the lead-up to the Indiana Pacers’ win over the Milwaukee Bucks, the ESPN returned the favor ahead of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans.

This meant that Barkley got on the air with Bob Myers, an ESPN analyst who used to run basketball operations for the Dubs. After praising him for “stealing money on TV like the rest of us,” Barkley brought up his thoughts on his old club.

“I wanna give you credit for jumping off the Titanic before it sunk,” Barkley said.

After Myers made clear that he still has friends with the Dubs, Barkley fired back that “you gonna see ’em soon!”