Why Charles Barkley Was The Best Thing About The NBA Playoff Games Tuesday Night

Charles Barkley is always entertaining. That’s especially true when TNT’s Inside the NBA ends its show with Chuck doing yoga.

The always goofy program finished Tuesday night with a bevy of sponsorship jokes, followed by Barkley getting into warrior pose and what he determined was downward dog.

Don’t just fast forward through the whole YouTube clip, though. The show Photoshopping sponsorships onto Barkley’s, Shaquille O’Neal’s and Kenny Smith’s suits — a joke inspired by the NBA’s move to place sponsorships on team jerseys starting in 2017 — is immensely funny, especially Shaq’s.

But the final few minutes of Inside the NBA wasn’t the only time Chuck was off the rails Tuesday. He also went steaming after his colleague, Reggie Miller.

First of all, Reggie Miller is the worst analyst on television.

It’s not the first time Barkley has knocked a colleague or his network or another Turner affiliate when he’s sitting right there in front of the camera. Maybe his best ever on-air moment came as recently as December, when TNT had him cross-promote one of the GOP debates scheduled to be on CNN. Instead, Barkley spent most of the time trashing CNN and its coverage of Donald Trump.

It is truly magical.

(Via TNT)