Charles Barkley Caught A Pass From Randy Moss, And Was Promptly Laid Out By Shaq

This idea is too good. Every studio show should do it. Bring a football player to the set and let him have a football. Then let him toss it to people on your panel so someone else on the panel can light up the pass catcher. If it works with Shaq dropping Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley during the NBA on TNT, it can work anywhere.

Next week, it’s time to promote the Super Bowl. You bring Troy Aikman by the set of The View. He tells Joy Behar to go out for a pass. He lobs when up and then BOOM! Whoopi Goldberg delivers a killshot to Behar’s ribs. Then as they’re signing off, BAM! Whoopi drops Paula Faris like third period calculus as she looks up at the ball. This would be a ratings and clicks bonanza.

Although, now that I watch the Shaq-Barkley hit for a 15th time, it’s possible Barkley might be severely injured. Barkley is 6-foot-6, has to be pushing three bills and is 53 years old. If you’re young, you don’t appreciate how the body responds to seemingly playful hits like this one. We may find out a day from now that Barkley has been hospitalized with internal bleeding.

Still, worth it. Let’s get this gag going on every talk show. If Andy Richter doesn’t hit Conan O’Brien on Monday, I’ll be disappointed.