Charles Barkley Got Ernie Johnson To Mention Kevin Love In Order To Make Cavs ‘Slug’ Jokes

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach John Beilein ran into some trouble this week when a report surfaced surrounding language he used in addressing his players. Beilein reportedly used the word “thugs” when referring to members of the team and, despite an interview with ESPN in which he insisted he meant to say “slugs,” there was plenty of reaction about what transpired. Since then, Beilein has reportedly met with the team and apologized, leading to indications that the former Michigan head coach will be sticking around as the on-court leader of the Cavs.

With as the backdrop, TNT’s Inside The NBA crew stumbled on to the topic on Thursday evening during halftime of Russell Westbrook’s return to Oklahoma City. Ernie Johnson prompted the panel with a description of Chris Paul’s pick-and-roll operation, leading to Charles Barkley asking who said what and the reveal that the information came from Kevin Love. Love seemingly came to Beilein’s defense earlier in the day but, because he’s Charles Barkley, that didn’t stop a not-so-subtle Beilein roast from breaking out.

This was seemingly done in fun, as one would imagine with references to “Bone Slugs-N-Harmony” and “Slug Life.” In addition, there was plenty of laughter from all four personalities on the panel, and they certainly wouldn’t be the first to make jokes about what reportedly happened in Cleveland.