Chauncey Billups Partners With Former NBA Player To Purchase 30 Wendy’s Franchises

08.15.13 6 years ago
Chauncey Billups (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

There are a lot of ways NBA players invest their money. Some are good, and others are pretty bad. But former NBA player Junior Bridgeman might be one of the few that’s successfully transitioned into a lucrative post-NBA career despite the lack of the millions staked to other, less successful post-NBA business ventures. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, now Bridgeman is partnering with Pistons point guard, Chauncey Billups, to purchase 30 Wendy’s franchises in the St. Louis market.

Bridgeman already owns 196 Wendy’s franchises, 100 plus Chili’s and several dozen Fazoli’s, so Billups is smart to get involved. Over his NBA career, Billups has earned over $100 million, so it stands to reason he’s got some capital to invest. It’s a savvy move to partner with such an accomplished fast food entrepreneur. Plus, Frosty’s are super tasty.

Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick, issued a statement about the purchase:

“We have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Junior Bridgeman, and he is an exceptional person, an excellent operator and very committed to building a people culture. In addition, we are eager to welcome Chauncey to the Wendy’s family.”

The purchases elicit a number of questions: does this mean Chuancey is treating any time his new Pistons mates are heading to Wendy’s? Will Billups quietly castigate his fellow Detroit point guard Brandon Jennings if he decides to go the McDonald’s route? Why doesn’t Bridgeman diversify and buy a few Taco Bell’s or Burger King’s?

What do you think?

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