Chauncey Billups Had An Evil Way Of Getting Rasheed Wallace Motivated During Games

rasheed wallace chauncey billups
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The Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN Radio recently posted an episode compiling some of their best clips and quotes, and, right at the top of the show (immediately after a hilarious clip from John Amaechi about eating an entire cheesecake), they drop a priceless anecdote from Chauncey Billups about his playing days with everyone’s favorite former player/coach/court jester: Rasheed Wallace. You know Billups has some ‘Sheed stories, but sue us if we hadn’t heard this one before (courtesy of Reddit):

“I would egg on referees to give Rasheed a technical. Because until he got a tech, he was one of the most unfocused players I ever played with. But once he got a technical, I don’t care what coach he’s playin for, I’m sayin, throw it to ‘Sheed. Ain’t no more play calls.”

Classic. This only reinforces what many basketball fans felt about ‘Sheed: He had worlds of talent, but not the focus to bring it all together consistently. Once something gave him a kick in the pants, it was a bad sign for the opposing team. Billups was the definition of a crafty veteran, so it stands to reason that he would try anything he could to get Wallace to focus up and play better, and that he would feed the beast once he got hungry.

Never change, ‘Sheed.

(Via Reddit)