The Bulls Executed A Gorgeous Fast Break Without Ever Having To Dribble

10.31.16 1 year ago

Now this is how you run a fast break: quickly, efficiently, and without ever having to put the ball on the floor. The Chicago Bulls went the length of the court in three passes, with the final one being a lob from Dwyane Wade that Jimmy Butler threw down. It was a glimpse into what this Bulls team can be when its big offseason acquisitions are able to blend in with the collection of talent that has already been compiled in Chicago.

Taj Gibson pulled down a miss by the Brooklyn Nets and immediately found Rajon Rondo. Chicago’s new point guard barely touched the ball, though, as he saw Wade streaking down the left side of the court. Rondo fired a bullet into his new running mate through two defenders, Wade looked up, saw no one was guarding Butler, threw up a lob, and let Butler do the rest.

If every fast break ends up looking this pretty then Chicago may end up being one of the league’s most entertaining teams. Some teams struggle to flip the switch from offense to defense over the course of an entire 24-second possession. The Bulls, meanwhile, managed to do that almost immediately. Not bad, Chicago.

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