Chris Bosh Opens Up About His Recent Health Scare In A New Video Series

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is making his much-anticipated return to NBA basketball this season, but more importantly, he has a whole new lease on life. Bosh was forced to miss the second half of last season when he was diagnosed with potentially life-threatening blood clots on his lungs. He has since made a full recovery, and in a new online video series for Fox Sports called “The Maestro,” Bosh was candid about what it was like to be faced with his own mortality. The segment on his health scare starts around the four-minute mark of the video above:

“It was very serious. They tell you you have blood clots, and then they tell you what that means and the consequences of that, which can be fatal,” Bosh said. “So, you have that to deal with, and then they tell you ‘well, we’ve gotta run these blood tests. We have to see if it’s hereditary, because if it’s hereditary, that presents a major problem for being a basketball player.’ Probably, I would’ve had to hang ’em up. And so, I got through that. And once I got through that, and they were telling me it’s gonna be okay, and once I got out the hospital, of course, I was like ‘hey man, it’s not that bad.’ That’s the mantra I keep telling myself.”

In addition to a clean bill of health, Bosh has a completely retooled Heat roster to look forward to in the coming season, one that could potential present a legitimate challenge to the Eastern Conference crown. They boast arguably one of the best starting lineups in the entire league, which includes Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Luol Deng, Goran Dragic, and Hassan Whiteside. John Schuhmann over at NBA.com also recently noted that the Heat had the best uptick in pace (possessions per 48 minutes) after the All-Star break last season, i.e. after they acquired Dragic. If they can fit all the pieces together, this might be much more than just a bounce-back year for Bosh and the Heat.