Here’s Chris Bosh’s Cruel, Cruel Rejection Of Gordon Hayward’s Dunk

Chris Bosh isn’t known for his ability to block shots – though he’s an otherwise exceptional defender – yet he’s already blocked at least two dunks this year. The first was on Gorgui Dieng, who thought he could get away with one on the Heat forward. The second to feel the wrath of Bosh was poor Gordon Hayward, who just can’t seem to find his footing yet this year.

Hayward has a wide open lane to the basket, and seems undaunted by Bosh’s presence. He soon learns the error of his ways, as Bosh makes a tremendous jump and rejects Hayward’s dunk attempt.

Bosh finished with 25 points and eight rebounds. After a rocky start on the offensive end, he’s starting to find his rhythm. The Heat’s offense hasn’t quite gotten to where Erik Spoelstra would like it – they’re 14th in the league with a 104.0 offensive rating coming into Thursday’s game against the Jazz – but their defense has been terrific, ranking a robust third in the league with a 96.5 defensive rating.

A good deal of that has to do with Bosh, who is criminally underrated on that end. In fact, Bosh had another block later in the game, one that sealed the win for the Heat. It was a rough start to the season for the Heat and Bosh, but now that the latter has found his rhythm, the former is rolling right along.