Chris Bosh Shoots Down Criticism From Shaquille O’Neal

It’s been a few days since we last highlighted any excerpts or heard any reflections coming out of Shaquille O’Neal‘s mouth via his new book, “Shaq Uncut: My Story.” So you knew something was coming. And it did, with O’Neal going at one of his favorite targets in the world, Chris Bosh. O’Neal has been on Bosh for basically everything the last few seasons, and said in his book that Bosh is no star player, that the Miami forward received all of the accolades without actually earning them or winning anything.

Bosh, who has taken the high road with virtually every critic since he first started screaming during the Big Three’s introductory light show, did exactly what we figured he would do: nothing.

Bosh told the Sun Sentinel that “I know the thing is entertainment. How are you going to get people to buy your book?

“So I don’t care about stuff that is said in the media or in books or pointed or directed toward somebody, because it’s really just a tactic and nothing else. He’s an author. He can write whatever he wants. If he sells a bunch, then congrats to him.”

O’Neal has been throwing insults all over the place lately – including writing that Pat Riley was nothing compared to Phil Jackson – and these comments about Bosh are nothing new. Shaq has been a ringleader for Bosh haters these past four or five years, and the hate only amplified once the former Raptor transferred to South Beach.

I spent all of last season feeling bad for Bosh. Amazing right? He was making $14.5 million, playing and living in South Beach with a great team and having another great All-Star season (18.7 points, 8.3 rebounds). But yet he received so much personal hate – worse stuff than even LeBron had to endure – that I wanted him to stand up and say something. Besides showing up Skip Bayless on his own show, Bosh never really did that, and O’Neal jabs at him won’t get the power forward to do it either.

I get the feeling Shaq’s book will elicit a lot of response from the majority of people he trashes. Just don’t expect Bosh to be one of them.

Should Bosh strike back at Shaq? Is he taking too much criticism?

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