Let’s Watch Chris Paul’s Whole Family Do A Crazy Alley-Oop In The Pool

Sure, the offseason is tough because we all miss basketball a lot. But the offseason also gives us gems like this, where Chris Paul‘s entire family is splashing around and having a pool day enjoying life. Basketball is a profession just like any other profession, so when you have vacation time it’s important to act like a human being and have fun.

It is good that Chris Paul does that, and not just because the past couple months have been a little hectic for the Clippers star (what with that whole DeAndre Jordan thing).

So what about the dunk itself? That pass down the slide sets it up nicely, then you get two cross-pool passes with people jumping in before Paul himself gets his pass in, a quick touch for the final setup leading to the ultimate oop. As far as execution is concerned, it was practically flawless. No unnecessary flourishes, no craziness on the dunk, just a thunderous “AAAHHH” with two hands to make sure it got through the mini hoop. Everyone involved deserves a cool frosty milkshake.

More NBA players need to do this during the offseason. Make a challenge out of it, raise money for charity, and then everyone will be happy. Otherwise we’re just waiting around for the next Michael Jordan quote at some camp.

(H/T LA Times)