Chris Paul Had A Hilarious Reaction To Andre Roberson Airballing A Three

10.03.17 5 months ago

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Andre Roberson is a very valuable role player for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The 25-year-old earned a three-year, $30 million contract in the offseason based largely on his immense defensive contributions and, in short, the Thunder need him to be productive to reach their ceiling as a team.

With that said, Roberson is not a shooter and Chris Paul knows it. On Tuesday, the Thunder faced off against the Houston Rockets in a preseason matchup and, early in the second quarter, Roberson received a cross-court pass in wide-open shooting position from beyond the arc.

Only Paul had even a chance to close out on him. But instead of doing that with aggressiveness, the future Hall of Fame point guard waved him off in dismissive fashion.

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