Chris Paul Explains What He’s Learned From Devin Booker And The Rest Of His Suns Teammates

It didn’t take long for Chris Paul to get used to life in Phoenix. In his first season in his new digs, Paul and the Suns had the second-best record in the NBA and earned a spot in the Finals for the third time in franchise history. Upon getting there, the team won the first two games of their series against the Milwaukee Bucks, with Game 3 coming up on Sunday.

Paul’s been a seamless fit in Phoenix, and seemingly all of his coaches and teammates have made it a point to stress how much they’ve learned from having the future Hall of Fame inductee in town. But during his media availability on Saturday afternoon, Paul discussed the things he’s learned from his teammates and, in particular, Devin Booker.

“One thing about Book is he stays in kill mode all game on, no matter what’s going on,” Paul said. “If you’re thinking you need to hold the ball with, like, 40some seconds left, you might be up four or five, Book’s gonna shoot it. He’s gonna let it ride. That’s just his mindset, which you gotta appreciate.”

Paul then went on to speak about the team more broadly, praising them for stressing the importance of having fun.

“We have a very fun team,” Paul said. “You know, guys who try not to take themselves too serious, and I think that’s what’s really good about our team. One of the things we say before we run out on the court is, you can be so serious and all that, we say have fun, have fun. And I think that’s what keeps us focus, is remembering that this is a game, we gotta go out there and enjoy ourselves.”

The joy that Paul and his teammates play with has been evident all season, and as a result, they’re two games away form the first championship in franchise history.