Chris Paul Gifted The Entire Thunder Squad Custom Suits And Everyone Looks Wonderful

The holidays came early for a group of very tall men living in Oklahoma.

Chris Paul had custom tailored suits made for each one of his OKC teammates because warmth, joy and generosity are all his middle names, I imagine. The ‘fits were worn proudly, one might even say thunderously, down the tunnel this evening and it would be a grievous mistake not to examine them all closely.

First up, Terrance Ferguson and Nerlens Noel:

Fergski is back in the lineup tonight and he is certainly looking ready for it. What I like in this look is the checks that elongate his whole entire body, and really make the strain of those headphones palpable. Noel on the other hand, maybe due to Air Pods, maybe due to this paramount job at color blocking his dress shirt to his more demure, yet still striking, camel suit and pants, looks extremely loose. Easy breezy, even.

Next, Danilo Gallinari and the extremely rude dude Dennis Schröde(r):

Gallinari seems a little caught off-guard here, halfway between a “hang loose” hand gesture and staring wistfully into the future, but the suit is plenty serious enough to make up for all that. We don’t get much of a sense of a personal point of flare here, but sometimes going classic is the best call. Schröder on the other hand is almost nothing but flare. The thickness of the roll on that ivory turtleneck, the vest to match the jacket to match the pants and then going all in on a turmeric sock and a high-shine, tasseled rich mahogany loafer. He even has a tiny gold pin there on his lapel for holding his place in the great, leather-bound atlas of world maps I imagine he is reading while wearing this. Ok, I fear we’ve lingered too long on this set.

Mike Muscala and Hamidou Diallo:

The look on Diallo’s face is basically why you give gifts. His grin that could power small cities, his joyfully clenched fists like he has no other way to contain the happiness he is feeling and is just, like, trying to hold onto it for all its worth. The very tall, chin high walk, and the shoes! Those shoes! A light holographic sheen and an austere slate grey turtleneck for what ails you. And Muscala looks very nice too.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Darius Bazley:

Toronto Fashion Week does not get much shine so how about replacing it with Shai just strutting up and down the streets of a cold, often desolate springtime city and see what that does for tourism and the economy as a whole? Great details here, like the sleeves of his warm, would you say latte, turtleneck out from under his bunched up jacket, a look that is busy without the effort. And Bazley has fully committed to young, passionate archeologist who reluctantly steps off the site to go and secure funding abroad. Flawless!

Abdel Nader and Steven Adams:

I like very much what Nader has done with his charcoal socks and crisp white, like I wanna say tennis shoe? His tie is a little askew but it is more fun to pretend that he left it that way, so he could look like he either couldn’t be bothered or he is just always going that fast. Steven Adams, of course, is a wonder. Adams, who has admitted very confidently he wears mostly what is given to him, is just as comfortable in flip flops and board shorts as he is in this perfect, perfect suit. Would you ever think an aquamarine dress shirt would look good, let alone striking? No, and you could not be faulted for that. But here, something is happening. Under those wild curls finally set free, a trimmed-ish beard, and a very powerful midnight blue tie, Steven Adams is glowing like the star atop the tree!

Last but not least, Chris Paul:

The demure way Paul has decided to show up is another gift, because he has essentially given room for all his guys to shine. His look is very, “I’ve been here many times before, so many times that to make this interesting I’ve added an underlay of stripes to my overlay of stripes”. I don’t care about official heights released by the NBA, Chris Paul, in this suit, in this moment? 7 feet tall.