Chris Paul Goes For A Piggyback Ride While Intentionally Fouling Dwight Howard

05.17.15 4 years ago

This is what it came to for Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers in the waning moments of Game 7.

Of course, intentionally fouling Dwight Howard in such a manner was a typically shrewd brand of gamesmanship from the Point God. With his team down 104-96 and only 1:25 remaining on the clock, riding the Houston Rockets big man like a “Pony” and sending him to the free throw line with time stopped was the surest way for Paul’s team to complete an unlikely comeback.

But that doesn’t make watching the replay any less amusing.

Howard missed the ensuing freebies, but Paul’s gambit still didn’t pay off in the long run – Houston beat Los Angeles 113-100 to overcome a 3-1 series deficit and advance to the Western Conference Finals.


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