Chris Paul Slaps Chris Kaman In The Groin And Gets Shoved In Return

What a chaotic sequence last night in the Blazers and Clippers game. It seemed like Chris Kaman rammed Chris Paul out of bounds for no reason, but a look at the video revealed that CP3 hit him in the gonads while taking the ball away from him. What happened next was almost as ridiculous.

Here’s the hard-to-see smack by Paul that led to Kaman’s shove:

Then Glenn Davis tried to play enforcer and ended up looking like a bumbling mess as LaMarcus Aldridge came over to get in front of Kaman. Aldridge’s love tap sent Big Baby sprawling, and we’re guessing the league will have a look at a flopping fine:

We really wish the video had just played Benny Hill music for this whole sequence.

The Clippers came back to outscore the Blazers 41-30 in the fourth quarter after the brouhaha to end the third. They escaped with a 126-122 win — something they certainly needed after dropping one to the Warriors at Staples on Tuesday night.

(video via watchnba201415)