Chris Paul And James Harden’s ‘Seamless’ Transition Has Even Surprised Mike D’Antoni

12.07.17 3 months ago

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Chris Paul and James Harden are coexisting on the Houston Rockets. In fact, coexisting is underselling it a bit. The Rockets are playing extremely well with both guards on the court, something that was far from assured when Houston traded for the former Los Angeles Clippers point guard in June.

That cohesion wasn’t always assured, though, as plenty of people were skeptical that the ball-dominant Paul would be able to compliment Harden after he morphed into a dominant point guard in his own last season. But with Houston essentially keeping pace with the Golden State Warriors in the West, it’s clear by now that everyone in Houston knew what they were doing when they brought Paul in.

With Paul and Harden on the floor together, the Rockets have a 116.5 offensive rating and a 111.7 defensive rating. While that defensive number isn’t ideal, their incredible offensive output more than makes up for any defensive struggles the Rockets have had in adjusting when both are on the floor. When it’s Paul and Eric Gordon (115.3/86.5) or Harden and Gordon (118.1/97.3), they’re even better.

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