Chris Paul Hilariously Gave Paul Pierce CPR After He Completely Bricked A Dunk

Contributing Writer

Paul Pierce is old. Not in real life years (even though he’s getting up there), but in NBA years he’s practically Grandpa Simpson. Because of that, he’s liable to do some not so great things on the court and get teased about it by his teammates. The latest example may be the greatest, as Pierce went up for a dunk and missed, which caused Clippers teammate Chris Paul to heroically spring into action.

Missing a dunk is embarrassing enough for the 39-year-old future Hall of Famer, but CP3 added salt to the wound by giving him CPR after he tumbled to the floor after the brick. Yes, Pierce missed so bad his teammate felt the need to resuscitate him immediately. The Truth laughed it off, because what else can you do really.

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