Chris Paul Put Rudy Gobert On Skates, But With A Sneaky Forearm To His Junk

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“Pulled a Jordan on him.” That’s what our coworker — yeah, there are a few of us chopping it up Thanksgiving morning — told us when we sent him the featured pick of this post. A ton of places wrote about Chris Paul badly shaking Defensive Player of the Year candidate, Rudy Gobert, during Wednesday night’s Clippers – Jazz game.

On the surface, it looks like Paul absolutely obliterated him with this pull-up after Gobert foolishly decided to guard him above the three-point arc.

But when you get a closer look, it’s clear Chris Paul pushed Gobert off him with a left-hand right to the gonads.

Rudy RT’d, obviously, while calling attention to the fact — despite the seemingly embarrassing play — the Jazz handed the Clippers their fourth loss in five games, 102-91.

Robert finished with 10 points, 11 rebounds, two steals and two blocks in the victory.

Before you use this as another example to call Chris Paul a dirty player, or a two-faced NBA darling who’ll cut you behind closed doors to get the win, then smile for the cameras like nothing happened, remember that he didn’t do this intentionally, it was just part of his normal body movement on a step-back; except, Gobert is over seven feet tall, so it lined up with his privates.

Happy Thanksgiving!