Chris Webber On David Blatt’s Almost Timeout: ‘I Wish I Had Tyronn Lue On My Team 20 Years Ago’

Remember how before LeBron hit his buzzer-beater to win Game 4 in Chicago against the Bulls, David Blatt tried to call a timeout he didn’t have? And how if assistant coach Tyronn Lue hadn’t grabbed him or if a referee had noticed him, the Cavs almost certainly would have lost? Yeah, that was crazy.

You know, if memory serves correctly, there was a famous instance of someone calling a timeout without any remaining and with the game on the line:

Hey, it’s former Michigan Wolverine and current TNT analyst Chris Webber who once did that! Well wouldn’t you know, he’s calling Game 5 of the Bulls-Cavs series, and they just had to go over the ending of the previous game and give C-Webb flashbacks, with quality prodding from play-by-play announcer Marv Albert.

It’s good to see that Webber has a good sense of humor about his all-time boner, although it’s concerning that neither he nor Marv Albert can pronounce Tyronn Lue’s name correctly.